The school holidays are almost upon us in the UK and more and more UK families are looking for ways to have fun and get fit. One such way is for the whole family to go on a biking adventure all across this great country of ours. However, if you have a family of five and only one family car, then you are going to run into issues transporting them. You need to get the whole family’s luggage in the car, your family and then the bikes too. Clearly, you can’t fit all that into a family saloon and so you need to look for alternatives.

The Bicycle Rack – A bicycle rack is the answer to your problems and there are three types to choose from. They is the rear mounted one that is attached to your boot or hatchback if you have this type of car, a roof mounted rack which attaches itself to the roof bars assuming you have some, and finally, the tow point mounted that attaches to the tow bar. Most cars should be able to use all three of these but there may be extra costs involved when fitting them. Putting roof bars on your car is reasonable when it comes to cost, but the tow bar mounted one means that if you don’t have one, you need to install a tow bar and there is a larger cost with this.

Rear Mounted Rack – The rear mounted option is probably one of the most popular and it is the one that most people new to the bike scene will see. In terms of cost it is really hard to beat and follows a simple design. The metal frame sits against the rear of the car and there are straps that hook into the boot and there are two arms and this is where the bikes hang. Be sure to check first that this rack will in fact fit your vehicle before you spend money on it. They are cheap to buy, are the easiest way to carry a number of bikes and don’t need to be terribly strong to support the bikes themselves.

Roof Mounted rack – The roof mounted ones just clamp on to the bars that you should have fitted to your roof already. The great advantage of this is that you can fit as many as you need, up to four bikes, of course depending on the size of your vehicle. You would need to be tall or have someone in your group that is tall, to be able to mount the bikes up there and don’t forget that they are up there! Many people forget and so hit low bridges causing considerable damage to the bikes and the car, so be careful.

Tow Bar rack – These are great as they clamp right onto the tow bar. The bikes are stable and you can get your bikes on and off easily. If you don’t have a tow bar fitted, then this way can prove to be the most expensive, if you have to install one to use it. It’s probably best to use one of the two mentioned before.

No matter which one you choose, be sure to get out there and take a look at the great British countryside with your family and most importantly, have fun.


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