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Extreme activities to do in the summer


Summer is a fantastic season to let loose a bit and do the activities you enjoy most outside the confines of work and school. If you are an adrenaline lover, you definitely look forward to the splendid weather that is accommodative of almost all the activities you love.

The key to enjoying an action-packed summer is to prepare and plan well in advance. Get your gears ready to avoid last-minute rush and the exorbitant prices that comes with. Also, book your venues in good time, where applicable. Top attractions get a lot of visitors and you may find yourself locked out for several weeks if you don’t book in advance.

Here are the extreme activities to get your adrenaline pumping.


Skydiving is the staple activity for adrenaline lovers and a common entry in many bucket lists. You get to jump out of a plane at an altitude no less than 11,000 feet and hope that your parachute launches.

Most of the time it does so not need to get worried plus if you are a newbie, you’ll have an experienced skydiver to help you release your parachute, guide you and also record a video of you screaming. The parachute also helps you control the descent so it is not a free fall as you would think.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an extreme sport that also offers a full body workout. This is the suitable activity if you don’t have any fear of heights and you want to get fit during your vacation while not missing out on an adrenaline rush.

The advantage is that you can find rock climbing in pretty much almost all the locations. If there are not mountains or rocks then you will find an indoor rock climbing arena.

You need to always have your body harness and helmet on for your own safety.

Shooting and archery

Shooting and archery are sister adventure sports only that one uses guns and bullets while the other uses bows and arrows.

For most shooting ranges, you can come with your own rifle which you can get from Airriflecenter.Com or hire one from them together with the requisite which shouldn’t cost much. Although some clubs are exclusive and have membership requirements before you can access their shooting ranges, there are several which charge per hour and are more lax in their rules.

Archery is the same where you can also come with your own equipment or rent some from the club at a fee charged based on the arrows and time you spend there.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is for real daredevils. With an elastic cord tied to your feet as the only thing that is between you and hitting the ground with a thud, you fall from a dizzying height like the top of a tall building, a cliff or a bridge.

It’s a free fall until the cord stretches to its length before ricocheting back up again and then down again until you come to a rest.


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