Scotland has long been a country that is full of rich tradition and culture. Most people would recognise Scotland by their traditional bagpipes and unique style of clothing, known as the Highland dress. It is characterised by the well-known style of tartan (or plaid) and they are often in different colours and styles. The most recognisable form of the Highland dress would be the kilt, which you would have seen almost everywhere.

Types of Highland dressing

The Highland dress can be broadly defined as the traditional dressing of Scotland, but what about the apparel that constitutes it? It can range from Ghillie shirts, kilt, dress caps, tartan trousers, and even accessories like the clan crest, belt buckles, kilt belts and plaid sash. The unique thing about the Highland dress is the ability to customise the accessories, mixing and matching the shirts and accessories, and by one look, one can know that it is the traditional dress of Scotland.

The modern trend

The Highland dress has come a long way since its inception and it has now found its way into the modern world. What used to be an archaic dressing statement for the people of Scotland, has remarkably been combined with the modern style of dressing. At certain events, the gentlemen would wear a blazer at the top, while wearing a kilt instead of the pants. For the ladies, they would wear a specially woven dress (crafted with the modern design in mind) with the style and signature of the Highland dress.

Giving as a gift

To encourage people to learn more about the tradition and culture of Scotland, there are numerous shops that have been set up, whether physically or just on an online platform, where they are engaged in the sale of Scottish gifts. They sell almost everything from food, Scotch whisky, clothing, and even gifts and souvenirs. To encourage the Scottish tradition, some shops carry only local produce that is specifically made in Scotland, and these products would be a great gift to anyone who wants to know more about Scotland itself.

Tradition vs. Modernisation

In modern times, fashion has often dictated how we should dress ourselves, and should we dress in a way that is deemed ‘old-fashioned’, we would often be ridiculed and outcasted in some sense. But the traditional kilt has surprisingly found its way into many countries like Wales, Australia, Canada, France, England, Greece, New Zealand, Normandy, and even the United States. It has become widely accepted due to its large influence, where Scottish pipe bands would wear the traditional garments (largely kilt) and play the bagpipes. It is an endearing moment, which was won many adoring fans around the world.

As each country is blessed with different resources, our ancestors had to make do with the best that they could have, and turn it into something different from the rest of the world. Thus, the traditions and culture in each country should be respected, for it is part of the history that a country is founded on. The traditions and culture of a country should always be preserved, whether by the local community or the government, as that is the work of the past that supports the present.


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