A popular Japanese cosplayer, known for transforming herself into versions of real-life female anime characters, has literally shocked her fans after recently revealing that she is a man.

With over 60,000 followers on Twitter and several thousand more on Instagram, Rei Dunois is a popular cosplayer. But appearances can be deceiving and, after keeping them up for a long time, the talented cosplayer decided to reveal the truth in order to convince people that they shouldn’t believe everything they see online.

The angelic face, the makeup and her body helped her real self to go unnoticed by the fans, almost all of them boys precisely because of their physical appearance.

However, the queen of cosplay caused a real hecatomb when she appeared in a photograph as the man she is, even with a prominent moustache. When the revelation came, Rei also revealed the tricks she used to successfully pretend to be a woman. Some examples are camera angles, photo editing applications, and wearing special outfits to make her look perfect.

Not surprisingly, the reactions of her fans have been overwhelming, ranging from disbelief to admiration for Rei’s amazing transformation.


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