The best movies, songs, books and games to enjoy at home.

METALLICA. No one knows when we will see Metallica on stage again, so for the moment every Monday the most popular metal band in the world is offering on their social networks and on YouTube some whole concerts that they point out as their “favourites”. The band from San Francisco, who are not known precisely for being fans of giving away anything, began last Monday to post these performances, with excellent image and sound quality.

BACKYARD CRICKET Is suitable for all ages and can be played in any backyard without the need for physical contact between players. The equipment is quite simple (unless someone wants to buy some expensive but wonderful cricket bats) and each player will spend some time standing during a game of cricket, but this sport also requires strength and skill for excellent ball handling and remarkable hand-eye coordination.

FORD MADOX FORD. The Good soldier. “This is the saddest story I’ve ever heard.” It’s a legendary beginning for a leading 20th century novel by a man who was also a poet and a publisher. The relationships of two ordinary couples at a spa will become more and more complicated until they commit suicide. Affection can turn into passion and friendship into betrayal. The past always surfaces and what seems to be decorum and resignation may be torment.

GUNS AKIMBO It’s time to rethink things from scratch and, why not, break down old taboos, cultural prejudices and unredeemed manias. Jason Lei Howden uses (the forever Harry Potter) Daniel Radcliffe to exacerbate even beyond reason the language of blood, action and guts that is ascribed to the most highly publicized part of the video game world. The idea is to make a wild metaphor about the addictions attached to the virtual world (now more than ever) that surrounds us. It tells the strange story of an employee of a company dedicated to creating mobile video games. When he sees himself, because of his fondness for insults in social networks, inside the most brutal game, reality is confused with his shadow and metonymies start to sound, to make a lot of noise and to hurt. Please relax, everything ends up exploding. On Amazon Prime.

UNCHARTED 4 In the ’80s, it was Indiana Jones. In the ’90s, it was Lara Croft. And in the new millenium, Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter at the height of Jones and Croft who will soon have his film (starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg). The Uncharted saga continues to expand the range of archeology and mythological treasure-style adventures in lost cities in Peru, Madagascar and Borneo. The initial trilogy – and Nathan Drake’s character development – was written and directed by Amy Henning, one of the pioneering women in the video game industry. PlayStation is opening Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for PS Plus subscribers during the month of April. The game was released in 2016 and has sold over 19 million copies.


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