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The best apps for cycling


Cycling is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities. It allows you to travel long distances and do sport at the same time.

A bicycle can take you everywhere. From going from home to work and back to starting to get to the beach or riding a bike in the mountains defying gravity. The bicycle is ideal for getting around, enjoying nature and your free time. What’s more, it’s never a bad time to get into cycling. And like everything we live in today, there are always one or more mobile apps with which to accompany our sporting activity or our cycling outing. Either to prepare a route, to record the route taken or to meet other cyclists.

Let’s see a selection of some of these applications for cyclists. You can carry them with you on your smartphone, an always faithful companion that we cannot do without due to its many uses, whether it is to communicate with our people or to know where we are.


When we talk about cycling and mobile applications, the name Strava always comes up. It is the most popular app for amateur or professional cyclists and it is also the number one app for downloads.

The secret of Strava is that it covers several fronts. First, it helps you organize and track your cycling routes, whether you’re riding through the city or out in the wilderness. If you cycle for sporting reasons, you can analyse your marks in the history. In addition, you can plan personal challenges to improve yourself. But Strava doesn’t forget the social part. So you can record your bike routes with photographs, follow friends, create groups to ride together, etc.

Strava is compatible with iPhone and Android, as well as with smart devices such as Apple Watch and Android Wear.


If sharing achievements with others is your thing, you’ll find an ally in Relive. It’s not just about enjoying your bike ride or your mountain bike route. With this app, you can share your route and add photos and comments to it.

Compatible with iPhone and Android, Relive lets you record your route as you ride or walk. And if you want, you can make your routes public in the form of photo and video stories. The social component also includes the ability to follow other users of this application and view their respective routes, either for inspiration or to see what others are doing.


And if we talk about cycling or any other sport, Wikiloc is also a must, an app for iPhone and Android with which to discover or plan routes around the world.

Among the particularities of Wikiloc, in addition to its varied catalogue of routes for all tastes, its compatibility with any type of sport or outdoor activity stands out, from cycling, mountain biking, quad biking or motorcycling to running, climbing or a simple walk in the mountains. With Wikiloc you’ll enjoy its offline maps, so you won’t get lost if you don’t have coverage, real-time tracking of the route as you complete it… You can even spice up your ride with photos and share it with your cycling buddies.

In its paid version, Wikiloc adds to its iPhone and Android support the ability to use it on Garmin and Apple Watch devices.


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