With hundreds of productions delayed due to the coronavirus, fans of The Mandalorian were wondering if the season 2 premiere would have to be delayed. Luckily Jon Favreau, who is in charge of the series, confirmed that all the episodes had already been recorded and also that the final release date was set.

We were lucky to finish the recordings before the beginning of the quarantine and thanks to the technology, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic have been able to work remotely to finish all the visual effects. We will release in October.

The statements were made during the ATX TV festival. Favreau participated in a round table discussion with Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow, Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard and Rick Famuyiwa who are directing episodes of the series.

This is how Favreau confirms the words previously said by Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, who had already anticipated that the series would have no apparent delays.

The first season took everyone by surprise, with a slightly different tone and closer to Episode IV, V and VI. The series focuses on a mysterious character who everyone knows as simply “The Mandalorian” who decides to protect The Child, a nameless being of the same species as Yoda.


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