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Paddle surfing: a fun activity to get fit in summer while enjoying the sea


Water sports, practiced with the proper security and social distance measures, are a good alternative to get fit in summer. Among them, paddle surfing is one of the options we can find, accessible to all the public and that will make us have a fun time while we exercise.

In most beaches we can find paddle surfing schools, which also work with other water sports, where they will provide us with a rental of boards, paddles, vests and neoprene if necessary, and will give us the first lessons to enjoy the waves.

Getting started in paddle surfing is relatively simple: first of all, we will practice with the board in the sand to learn the gestures that will enable us to stand up on it when we are in the water. Once we have learned this, we can go into the sea to practice it in the wet: it will be a little more complicated, as the waves of the sea and the water itself will generate instability in the board that will make us work our core to the fullest.

Paddle surfing involves a complete work of our whole body: our core will be kept active at all times and will help us to keep our balance on the board. Our legs, which will always be slightly bent, do a good isometric work while we are standing.

The back and arms gain prominence when we start rowing: the sea water will exert a certain resistance on the paddle when moving it in the water. Thus, we will work both the muscles of these body areas and the mobility and stability of our shoulder girdle.

Once we have mastered the basic movements, we will be able to enjoy the water and the sun (it is important not to forget the sunscreen, which is water resistant, when we practice this type of sport) and make short rowing trips or even small races with our friends.


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