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What was Tony Stark’s fortune in the Marvel universe?

LeisureWhat was Tony Stark's fortune in the Marvel universe?

Tony Stark always showed himself in the films of the Marvel Universe as a person with money to spare, especially in his early films. However, the millionaire owner of Stark Industries used his fortune to become a superhero and save mankind several times. Unfortunately, his greatest contribution to it cost him his life, as he had to sacrifice himself to defeat Thanos in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame.

Did you ever wonder what Tony Stark’s fortune was? Believe it or not, there are a couple of websites that have estimated the figure. The first one is Forbes, widely recognized for presenting the list of the richest people in the world every year. According to their data, Stark had an approximate fortune of $9.4 billion.

“He is an engineering genius who earned two master’s degrees at the age of 19. Stark’s remarkable inventions (repellent rays, indestructible alloys, “Iron Man” combat armor) are often overshadowed by his ability to create controversy. Along with rumors about his excessive drinking, this erratic behavior has caused some investors to worry that he may be bipolar,” mentions a portion of Forbes’ profile of the acclaimed Tony.

Unfortunately for the superhero, his enviable fortune is not enough to place him in the top five of the world’s richest fictional characters. The top five positions are occupied by Uncle Scrooge ($44.1 billion), Carlisle Cullen (36,2 billion), Artemis Fowl II (13,5 billion), Ricky Rich (9,7 billion) and Jed Clampett (9,5 billion). But Tony Stark is above Smaug (8,6 billion), the fearsome dragon in The Hobbit. Also Bruce Wayne (7,0 billion), who turns into Batman at night.

Money’s estimate is significantly higher than Forbes’. The portal believes that the Tony Stark fortune is valued at $12.4 billion, making it the second richest of your top 5 superheroes: Emma Frost ($1-3 billion), Charles Xavier ($3.5 billion), Bruce Wayne ($9.2 billion), Tony Stark ($12.4 billion) and T’Challa/Black Panther ($90.7 billion).


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