Super Nintendo World, the stage with attractions, decorations and even video game mechanics that is part of the Universal Studios amusement park in Japan, is almost finished. Three aerial photographs published by the Japanese media The Sankei News (broadcast by @SoCal360 on Twitter) show that the final result is, in most cases, identical to the video games with which the park was announced, and in other cases, even better.

If we say almost finished it is because the photographs only show the outside of the park and we do not know the state of the interior of the facilities. In the following picture you can see the entrance point to Super Nintendo World, through Peach Castle. The reference to the Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 is completed when you see the polygonal style of Bowser Castle recreated at the bottom of the park.

The environment is full of Piranha Plants, pipes that lead to the interior of the constructions, stairs, walkways, bridges, details such as the House of Toad, scenarios that represent levels of the plumber’s platform games such as ice cream and prairie, and of course, many interrogation blocks.

An amusement park with video game mechanics

Park attendees will be provided with a wristband that will be synchronized with their cell phone. During their stay in the Mushroom Kingdom they will have to collect coins and interact with the elements of the stage with their bracelet, hence, we assume, the arrangement of so many “blocks ?” and coins distributed throughout the stage. In addition, there will also be attractions like a Mario Kart circuit.

The opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan was to take place this year on the occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The new plan is to open the doors of this section of Universal Studios Japan (in Osaka) in March or April, before the Olympic Games are held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. In addition, construction of the Super Nintendo World in California, USA, began in August.


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