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You can now watch Mulan for free if you are a Disney+ subscriber


Disney has made a risky bet with Mulan, the premiere of the very expensive (more than 200 million dollars) live-action production caught them in the middle of a confinement and after considering several options they decided to open the way to the direct premiere on their streaming platform Disney+ at a price that many of us thought was crazy (21.99 euros) and the bet paid off, more than 15 million subscribers paid to see it and they kept their mouths shut to those who criticized that strategy.

Among the conditions of the premiere was also that after some time Disney+ subscribers could see it for free (understanding that free is paying for the service and no more) well, that day has arrived. Today, December 4th, you can already see it in your account.

Regarding the film, it received unequal reviews with a better reception by the press than by the public who are already starting to get tired of remakes of our childhood successes.

What seems clear is that we will have to get used to seeing the premieres directly on TV as Warner Bross made clear that it will do the same with all its films next year.


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