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These are the 5 most popular games of 2020 on YouTube


What have been the most popular games of the year on the networks? While it’s difficult to fully answer this question, YouTube Gaming has published the specific data for their platform, which allows us to know what has been the most popular game on YouTube in 2020. What is the title that generates more video plays, what game accumulates more viewers in the streams … In short, what is that game that has dominated throughout the year. And its identity will surely not surprise anyone: it’s Minecraft.

Minecraft has generated more than 201 billion plays in 2020Not in vain, the proposal to create Mojang and Microsoft accumulates more than 200 million games sold worldwide, and its success does not stop growing no matter how many years pass and new competitors appear. According to YouTube Gaming, Minecraft has comfortably led the way in video playback on its platform with close to 201 billion views, followed far behind by its most direct competitor, Roblox, with 75 billion, and a little further ahead by titles such as Fortnite.

But the data doesn’t stay here. In addition to publishing the list of the 5 most popular games on YouTube in 2020, based on video plays, they have also announced which have been the 5 games with the most viewers in the live broadcasts of this platform. And… Yes, it’s also led by the Mojang game. If you want to know the two lists, we offer them below:

Games with more video plays on YouTube from 2020

  1. Minecraft – 201 billion plays.
  2. Roblox – 75 billion reproductions.
  3. Garena Free Fire – 72 billion plays
  4. Grand Theft Auto V – 70 billion plays
  5. Fortnite – 67 billion plays

Games with the most live viewers on YouTube in 2020

  1. Minecraft.
  2. Garena Free Fire.
  3. Fortnite.
  4. Grand Theft Auto V.
  5. PUBG Mobile.

The YouTube Gaming report also mentions some interesting details about the platform. For example, we know that they have more than 40 million active channels, which have offered more than 100 billion hours of gaming content throughout this year. In total, more than 80,000 channels have exceeded 100,000 subscribers this year, while 350 game channels have exceeded 10 million subscribers by 2020.

They also offer a list of the top 10 content creators for the entire year, based on their number of plays. In short, a year of good figures for the platform, and better ones for Minecraft, which continues to be as dominant as ever on the networks.


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