One of the most interesting productions of the Marvel Universe of Cinema is the animated series of What If…? Inspired by his homonymous comics, What If…? takes the viewer to alternative realities of Marvel’s movie universe where there are slight or large changes compared to what we have seen throughout the films of the Saga of Infinity, from events that happen differently to characters who embody very different.

The trailer of What If…? has broadened the vision we had of Peggy Carter after undergoing the super soldier test, becoming Captain Britannia instead of Steve Rogers becoming Captain America.

We also see that Star Lord would not be Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, as Yondu decides to “take in” another kid to save from a boring future on Earth. A zombie Captain America or an evil Doctor Strange join the interesting mix that the Watcher offers us in What if…?

The series will offer some of the scenes experienced throughout the films belonging to the first three phases of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, including the famous sequence of Tony Stark dunking donuts on the roof of a cafe with the Iron Man armor on. What If…? will arrive in 2021, although Marvel Studios has not yet specified the exact date when this alternative reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will arrive in the Disney Plus catalog.


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