Disney+ is going to step on the accelerator in terms of content during this 2021. And not only because of the new Marvel and Star Wars products announced last month, but also because of the integration of other platforms and much of what is on them.

Star is going to be one of the great accolades of Disney+ during this year, since it will integrate the content of 20th Century Television, 20th Century Studios, FOX, ABC, Disney Television Studios and FX, from next February 23rd, going beyond the infantile and familiar public that characterizes the grid of Disney, covering this way more market to come closer to Netflix and HBO.

More series and movies, classics and originals, to cover a wider audience

Among the novelties to be launched on the platform are “Love, Victor”, a series that is the continuation of the film “With Love, Simon”, released in 2018, or “Big Sky”, a thriller by David E. Kelley, the creator of “Big Little Lies”.

But we will also find great series from the last years, like Lost, Prison Break, X-File, 24, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Flock Anatomy, Scandal, Family Guy or Sons of Anarchy, as well as film franchises like Alien or Die Hard.

Price increase of Disney+

This great increase in content will come with the first price increase of the service. Disney+ will cost from 6.99 euros to 8.99 euros per month from February 23rd, although current customers will be able to enjoy the old rate until summer.


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