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The Best Crazy Golf Venues in South London Town


The sport of mini-golf started in the early 20th century in the London area, and since then, its popularity has constantly been growing. Referring to mini-golf, we also refer to all its other categories: Crazy Golf, Adventure Golf, etc.

All these categories, however, focus on a single factor: the entertainment of young and old. We could not better describe the sport of Crazy Golf. The real pleasure that people of all ages receive is incomparable because it is shared within a family or a group of friends.

The idea and purpose of the sport are more or less known to everyone and is that you have to put the ball in each hole, with as few hits as possible. It may sound simple, but it is actually demanding, considering the dozens of themes and obstacles that increase the game’s difficulty. If you now live on the south side of London’s city, your options for Crazy Golf Courses are many, which means that the choice becomes more difficult for you. But in today’s article, we will list these places where we consider the best for a relaxing and carefree game in the South London area. So grab your cane quickly, so we can start the game:

Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf

At Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf, you will be automatically transported to the enchanting world of dinosaurs and action. A space specially designed to offer the best possible emotions to young children, through smart and imaginative golf games, in courts that contain a total of 18 holes! This space is also available for organizing children’s parties, where huge dinosaurs surround children during the golf games they participate in with their friends, in order to give them a real and memorable fun experience.

Dragon Quest Adventure Golf

Another fascinating place, that of Dragon Quest Adventure Golf, transports visitors to the era of dragons and knights, with a beautifully constructed outdoor area, adorned with catapults and artificial waterfalls, will surely fill with excitement and joy, especially its young visitors. . But there is no real age limit in this place because as is well known, entertainment knows no age limits. With a total of 18 holes in its various slopes, the large area of ​​Dragon Quest Adventure Golf offers unparalleled thrills, as well as golf lessons for those just starting their journey in the sport of mini-golf.

Plonk Crazy Golf in Peckham Levels

Plonk Crazy Golf in Peckham Levels is located within the modern building complex of the area, holding the largest bar of games and golf courses. This means that you can find all kinds of games within its facilities, from Crazy Golf, themed courts to arcade pinball games and ski balls. You can visit this area by booking with your loved ones so that you can all share this ultimate fresh and modern experience called Plonk Crazy Golf. An absolutely youthful space, modernly designed, but addressed to every age group. Older people can sit and enjoy their cool cocktail in the rich bar of the place, while younger guests can really get lost in the dozens of colourful and creepy Crazy Golf Courses.


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