The offer of content that can be found in the catalogs of streaming platforms is truly immense, especially when it comes to series and movies. For undecided people, this wide variety of choice can be overwhelming.

As an aid in such situations, the Movie of the Night platform offers a search engine that integrates the catalog of the most popular streaming platforms.

When you enter Movie of the Night, you will immediately see a search engine with an extensive form on the front page of the site. There you can configure your search according to your preferences.

Once you select your country, the available platforms will appear.

As selection criteria, you can filter the available options according to genres, keywords, actors involved, years of release of each film, content filters by age and duration. Based on these indicators, Movie of the Night will instantly display on screen a list of the best results that fit that profile. In this way, an exhaustive search that in normal situations could take long minutes or even hours, can be reduced to just a few moments.

The results of the searches performed can be displayed as a simple list, which together with the reference image and title of the movie or series, only show a brief reference; or they can also be displayed as a detailed column, which adds a review text, its trailer, a file with the participating actors and other relevant details.

As a complement, the platform also has a streaming service comparator, which evaluates each alternative according to the quality of its content, based on the evaluations that have received in sum the contents that are part of each catalog.

Movie of the Night does not require registration to access most of its search engine functions. However, by logging in, users can create lists, save their favorite programs, keep track of the content on their watch list and review which platforms offer such material for viewing.

The advantage offered by this platform is that it filters out from the recommendations those series or movies that are already on one of your watchlists, so each search guarantees a closer look at works that might be off your radar at first.

If you want to perform a search or just take a look at what this tool has to offer, you can visit


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