A leak revealed the imminent appearance of PlayStation Plus Video Pass, a mysterious new PlayStation service that appeared to be related to film and TV content but was not officially known about until now, when Sony itself has offered the first details of a service that kicks off today in Poland, with no concrete plans for expansion to other markets.

Described as “a trial service”, PlayStation Plus Video Pass will give PS Plus subscribers in Poland access to more than 20 movies and TV series from Sony Pictures, with the catalog increasing every three months. Why in Poland and not in other markets? One of Sony’s senior officials has remarked that there is “a large PlayStation fan base” in the country that “stand out for their engagement and activity on the web and social networks.”

“They also like to use video-on-demand (VOD) platforms. For us,” explains Nick Maguire, “it’s the perfect combination to introduce a trial service as part of PS Plus to see what users think of it.” With this in mind, they want to test this new service for a full year before deciding on a global launch.

“We want to see how gamers benefit from this service,” Nick Maguire stressed. “What titles they want to see, what they’re interested in, how much use they get out of it,” he adds without going into further detail. “At this time, however, I can’t say whether there will be or what the testing process will be like in other markets, as well as guaranteeing the future of PlayStation Plus Video Pass after this trial period.”

As we told you just yesterday, the PlayStation Plus Video Pass leak already hinted that this new service would give access to movies and TV series, as its header image showed the Bloodshot, Venon and Zombieland Double Trap movies. This move by Sony comes shortly after it was confirmed that PlayStation Store will stop selling and renting movies and TV series precisely because of the rise of video on demand services like Netflix.

Now it remains to wait to know Sony’s concrete plans with this new PlayStation Plus Video Pass. Will we see it in the rest of the world? In addition, there are other unknowns, such as whether it would somehow end up affecting the price of the PS Plus subscription.


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