There is still some time before The Last of Us series premieres on HBO, but the many fans of Naughty Dog’s saga are capable of making spectacular creations, like this short film that we bring you. It is titled The Last of Us: Ellie’s Revenge and has production and editing values that some Hollywood films would like.

This fan-film can be seen from Tommy Jackson’s YouTube channel and has a duration of just over 15 minutes. Of course, we warn you that it contains spoilers of The Last of Us 2, so we do not recommend you to watch it if you have not passed the game. If you have, you can watch it above these lines.

The short recreates several scenes from Naughty Dog’s award-winning adventure, such as Ellie’s confrontation, bow in hand, with the scars among the vegetation. Finishing off the enemies mercilessly even when they beg for mercy, as well as other moments in which blood and violence rule the screen. The characterization of the characters and scenarios is perfectly detailed and sets the bar very high for the HBO production. Of course, the infected are not missing, including the dreaded snappers.

As TLOU2 does, it intersperses its sequences with flashbacks of Joel and Ellie, simulating some of the game’s toughest scenes. Yes, and that one too. Also noteworthy is the presence of other secondary characters such as Tommy or Dina, as well as a melodic version of Future Days, the Pearl Jam song that is so important for the main characters.

For now there is no concrete date for the premiere of TLOU on HBO. At the moment, we know that it will adapt the original game, although it will take its licenses and deviations. Filming will begin in July and we have recently learned who will be in charge of playing Tommy. It is one of the 10 productions about their sagas that are being prepared by PlayStation Studios.


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