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Brad Pitt wins the lawsuit against Angelina Jolie and gets joint custody of their children


After 12 years of idyllic love, Angelina Jolie decided to break her relationship with Brad Pitt in 2016. A most unexpected breakup of one of the most popular couples internationally.

But today that love no longer exists and between trial and trial the only thing that has been growing is tension. Since Jolie made the decision to separate after an incident on a plane between Pitt and their son Maddox, their separation has been mired in controversy over the custody of their six children.

Brad and Angelina’s current relationship is based solely on the courts. She is asking for full custody of their children while Pitt is asking for joint custody. Both actors made the decision to have their custody case handled by Magistrate John Ouderkir, the same magistrate who presided over their wedding years earlier in France.

For months testimonies have been heard from child services professionals who have been with the children. In addition to these, testimonies have also been heard from different collaborators who have been part of the environment of the former couple and now finally the judge has made a decision, Brad Pitt gets joint custody.

Judge Ouderkirk has indicated that he granted the actor the joint custody he was asking for, but Angelina’s team has alleged that “Judge Ouderkirk denied Jolie a fair trial. He improperly excluded evidence relevant to the health, safety and welfare of the children,” so the actress will appeal the decision.

They also added that the judge “has refused to hear the teens’ views on their experiences, needs or desires regarding the fate of their custody.”

Angelina has already appealed her ex-husband’s gender violence record, claiming that he had engaged in abusive behavior with their children. The judge opined that those statements “lack credibility in many important areas.”

Now Pitt, who is happy and content, is trying to spend more time with his children and it has become clear that Jolie has done everything she can to avoid that.


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