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Mel Gibson to star in The Continental, prequel to John Wick series

LeisureMel Gibson to star in The Continental, prequel to John Wick series

Mel Gibson will be in The Continental, the John Wick spin-off series. The series will act as a prequel to the films starring Keanu Reeves, and Gibson will be one of the main characters, though not the lead.

According to Deadline, Gibson plays a character named Cormac. The Continental, however, will star a young Winston Scott, the character played in the films by Ian McShane.

It is not known who Winston will be in the series, set 40 years before the films, in New York in 1975.

The Continental is the hotel for assassins at the center of this franchise, an unexpected success that already has three films, a fourth already shot and would have been released by now if not for the pandemic, and a fifth in pre-production.

This series has been approached a little differently, as a limited series of three 90-minute event episodes, each with a film-like billing and budget, for the Starz network.

Neither Keanu Reeves nor Ian McShane will reprise their roles in the series, which will focus on young Winston Scott and looks to chronicle the origins of this mysterious society of assassins.

In the films, Reeves breaks the hotel’s one rule: no killing on the premises, which is why hundreds of assassins from around the world try to hunt him down to collect the bounty.

Lionsgate producer Kevin Biggs likens his franchise to the Marvel or DC universe, and television a great way to expand its mythology, full of mystery and style and with the “gun fu” action that is already characteristic of the series.

Gibson, meanwhile, will return to action movies (or TV) after many years away. He is even thinking about Lethal Weapon 5, which he could direct himself after Richard Donner’s death.


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