A few weeks ago it became known that the famous youtuber MrBeast was recreating the scenarios of ‘The Squid Game’, the most watched series in the history of Netflix. 456 participants would aspire to a prize of $456,000. What the youtuber was showing was a titanic effort to recreate as much as possible the lethal tests of the game of the South Korean series, and from what he has shown in a new video, boy, did he succeed.

The premise was to try to simulate what was seen in the series but without deaths, of course. And that has been enough so that a few hours after the publication of the video, it has already been seen more than 24 million times and has 3.5 million ‘likes’.

Games of The Squid Game

Despite avoiding deaths, this version of ‘The Squid Game’ is very exciting’. MrBeast has made changes to the game to make it peaceful, and despite this, overcoming trials has been even more difficult in some cases than seen in the series.

In his ‘Red Light – Green Light’ with technology, not as many players fall as in the series, because they already know what they are going for, but there is motion detection that seems even more extreme than the series. On Netflix we saw several players talk or move a bit between shots, but what MrBeast has built is even more demanding on not moving.

The next test is carbon-copied to the one in the series. We are talking about cutting out the cookie to get from it an umbrella, a triangle, etc. There are many players who manage to pass it, more than 100. Those who do not pass it pretend to be dead, as happens in the series if they are eliminated. After that comes the rope test, recreated in a spectacular way and that transmits the same tension as in the series by the sensation of being at a great height. Instead of falling into a void, they fall on foam, but the fear and frustration are there.

After that, comes the marble test, which consists of competing in any way you want with another player to take away marbles. The most attractive thing about this test in the recreation is that, that the scenario of the series has been recreated. Doing something like this on YouTube is historic. There is also no lack of tension in the next test, the dreaded exercise of jumping between glass and glass to avoid falling into a void. A vacuum that is again filled with foam that hurts to fall on, but in a psychological sense. The breaking of the platform is not so drastic, but it is also dramatic.

Strategy of The Squid Game

The strategy of the series is also in the recreation, letting, for example, other players overtake you when you are not brave enough to take the next step and risk falling. For the final test we see only six players, who instead of playing the squid game, play the chair game, the one in which you have to get to sit down when the music stops playing knowing that there is one less chair than players per round. Here the players’ hands are tied, and if you lose, you are carried off in a coffin.



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