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Skiing is not so expensive if you follow our tips!

LeisureSkiing is not so expensive if you follow our tips!

Skiing is the winter sport par excellence. Lovers of this sport take advantage of the winter season to practice skiing or snowboarding and go down the mountain. It is a very healthy sport, in which a lot of adrenaline is discharged and numerous muscles are exercised, while being in contact with nature and breathing fresh air.

But it is true that skiing is not a cheap sport. If there is a clear disadvantage, it is the price. To go skiing it is necessary to have an equipment to practice it, such as boots, skis or sticks; the ski pass that allows you to use lifts and chairlifts in the station, accommodation, food … All these issues make skiing a threat to our pocket.

That is why we offer you a series of tips and tricks so that you can save money and enjoy this winter, the white sport, and as it should be done with every extraordinary expense, we suggest you to establish a budget.

New ski resorts.

Sometimes skiing goes by fashions. If there are many celebrities practicing it, people dare to try, and usually go to the resorts where these well-known people go. Taking advantage of their fame, these ski resorts raise their prices. For this reason, we encourage you to try others; skiing is equally enjoyable in all resorts. It is only necessary to have a high number of slopes to be able to expand and go down more or less difficult slopes.

Bring your own food.

In the ski resorts there are many restaurants of all kinds at different points. However, they do not offer very cheap food, nor do we feel like eating very copious or elaborate food while skiing. It is best to bring a self-made sandwich with a piece of fruit and a snack or bag of chips for mid-morning and lunchtime snacks. This way you save money in the establishments, waiting time and more time skiing, so it is doubly profitable.

Ski during the week.

Many of the vacation packages, which include lodging and ski passes at a fixed price, are offered for weekends. On these days, not only is it more expensive, but there are also many more people, so it is not as enjoyable. The queues to catch lifts or chairlifts are much longer, and skiing is not as easy.


The most important thing is that it protects you from the cold, is comfortable and not too expensive. You can find a kit with overalls, anorak, hat, helmet and gloves at a good price in many stores, but you also have to take into account that some of the clothes can be used to combat the cold in your daily life and thus save you a lot of money. Think about womens snowboard jackets, gloves or hats that can be used for skiing and that you would wear every day.

Ski pass always in advance.

If you do not hire a complete package, but you book the hotel yourself, go in your car, and buy your ski pass, never do it directly at the resort, it is much more expensive, and you will almost certainly have to wait in line, so you will miss the first descents, which is when the snow is in the best conditions.

Equipment rental.

If you are only going to ski for one week during the whole season, it is not worth buying all the equipment. Therefore, it is advisable to rent, and do it in advance. If when you arrive at the resort you already have the equipment rented, you will be saving between 10 and 15%, besides not having to wait in line for it. Therefore, you will save time and money.


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