Home of the timeless classic ski towns, Switzerland offers one of the best ski destinations in the world. Switzerland have the most natural and untapped environment, thanks to the Swiss people conscious effort to conserve the country.

Switzerland offers skiing at its best although it can be a bit pricey. But people who have had the most amazing ski experience in the country will easily tell you everything you pay for is totally worth it. The country is not known as an alpine country for no reason. It has the most breathtakingly picturesque mountains, huge glaciers and high peaks.

Satisfy your white cravings with Switzerland’s unbeatable Alps and terrains. Check out these five ski resorts that this country is proud to offer:

The Unmatched Snow Powder in Andermatt

Andermatt is highly regarded because of its unparalleled powder snow. It receives a favorable amount of snow, largely thanks to its high altitude. The resort offers unrivaled ski terrains and magnificent views. Prbably the fashion capital of Swizerland. If you are looking for some fashionable new ski gear like a good ski jacket and pants or bibs, this is the place!

Davos Ski Resorts

Separated into six slopes sectors, Davos is considered one of the most popular Swiss holiday destinations. Parsenn, which is Davos’ main sector boasts its wide and open slopes classified as red. Other sectors are also consists of networks of both the red and blue sectors. Apart from the slopes and epic ski terrains, Davos has a wide array of shops, hotels and dining places. It also has swimming pools and offer a range of leisure facilities for the visitors to enjoy.

Ski Resort in St. Moritz

St. Moriz is one of the gems that Switzerland has to offer for snow adventurers. It is considered as the Switzerland’s original ski resort. The resort got a high level of snow and is typically packed with numerous activities and events throughout the winter season which includes:

  • The White Turf Horse Races
  • Skeleton
  • World Cup Bob
  • Snow Polo World Cup

With its long ski season, impressive slopes and high summit stations, St. Moriz is esentially one of the ultimate ski resorts in Switzerland.

Engelberg Ski Resort

Ideal for exceptional off-piste ski runs, Engelberg is another popular holiday resort in Switzerland. It offers its visitors a magnificent view of the mountain range sceneries. The view itself offers a sort of entertainment for non-skiers who can ride in cable cars to get a good glimpse of the scenic mountains. With regards to the ski area, the resort provide excellent terrains for both novice and intermediate-skilled skiers. Highly-skilled skiers will also have a thrilling adventure with the resort’s challenging slopes and glaciers.

The Adorable Murren Ski Area

Prepare yourself for a Murren’s jaw-dropping scenic views featuring the valleys of Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch. Murren has the right amount of mixed terrains for the beginners and intermediate ski lovers mostly dotted by lovely pinewoods.

A perfect day-ender within the resort is the well-known revolving restaurant called the Piz Gloria. There is also the favorite Bellevue cake stop and Stager Stubli’s fondue to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.


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