Spice DAO is a crypto group that has acquired one of the original copies of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’ book (also known as the Dune Bible), for €2.66 million, and aims to make Jodorowsky’s book public (as far as the law allows), produce an animated series and sell the rights to some streaming service. After this, support projects derived from the community.

Where already this part of the story is very curious, the most striking thing of all is that they are wrong. Because buying one of the original books does not give rights to its copyright.

They have only bought one book

What they have acquired are the collection of original images, illustrations and sketches of the Chilean-French director who attempted to make a film of the classic science fiction book Dune, by Frank Herbert, in the 1970s.


But what they have overlooked is that this original work confers no intellectual property rights whatsoever. It’s just one book, and it’s not even the only one. There are an estimated 10 copies of Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’. One of them was sold three years ago for about $42,500. Alejandro Jodorowsky wrote this book in the 1970s. There were later two versions of Dune on film. The latest, by Denis Villeneuve (pictured above), was released last year.

It is important to remember that having an original copy or the NFT does not mean that rights can be obtained, as these are held by the original creator. In this case the rights remain in the hands of the creator of the work, Jodorowsky. In fact, that same book is available through Google Photos, where someone uploaded the scanned copies.

Jodorowsky’s initial plan was to make a 10-hour film, but that meant an exorbitant budget. People like Salvador Dalí, Orson Welles or Mick Jagger collaborated in this manuscript.


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