This curious video tour of the Los Angeles home of what could be the most expensive home in the United States ($295 million is its price tag) is a fabulous display of excess no matter how you look at it. Suffice it to say that the house, iconically named The One, has 21 bedrooms and 49 bathrooms with some 9,750 square meters built on a plot of 15,500 square meters. It has rooms and even closets in which entire families could live. And, of course, it’s full of electronic gizmos, a geek’s dream.

In addition to having its own four-lane bowling alley, a golf simulator (and another real miniature golf course) and a movie theater that is probably better than 99% of the commercial theaters in any city, it has an M&Ms room, beauty salon, countless kitchens, saunas and so many swimming pools that it would be difficult to swim in all of them in the same day, even if you had so many friends to occupy all the space. As you can see, the rooms are also filled with dozens of giant screens, automatic mechanisms and countless electronic controls. This requires a central control point in the house, a superb server room:

Having seen a few videos of this type, the server room is not the most common thing; at most everything is usually housed in a dark little room in the basement next to the electrical and heating systems, but without so much prominence. But, of course, in a house where a veritable army of service staff must be needed to keep everything clean, tidy and working, it would be strange if there wasn’t an “IT guy” there to take care of all the things that break, whether it’s a screen, a fitness machine or a lighting system.

The video is on Enes Yilmazer’s channel, which is dedicated to showing this type of extreme super-luxury homes and mansions with an indecent point, as well as no less luxurious yachts, motorhomes and everything that can be bought for several million dollars at least. I don’t think there is anything under $4 million on his channel; many of the mansions and yachts are over $100 million. So if you have some loose coins, or you hit the mega-lottery and want to enjoy the good life …


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