Good music goes hand in hand with a good film. This premise is even stronger when rock is the protagonist of movies.

With a touch of rebelliousness, powerful guitars, powerful drums and unmistakable voices, the sounds of heavy metal and rock merge on the big screen.

The Beatles – A hard day’s night

They could not be missing in this selection of the best movies for rock and heavy metal lovers. We are talking about The Beatles, considered the best rock band in the history of music. Entire generations sang their classics (and continue to do so) because they are a true legend.

The film gives testimony of the band and shows the behind the scenes of their concerts and how these true stars lived.

The Doors

We go back to the 1990s to learn the story of this legendary band that has left an indelible mark on rock music. Jim Morrison is played by Val Kilmer, who adds an extra dose of histrionics that many judged unnecessary.

The film does not focus so much on the band, but seeks to leave a snapshot of the world of rock and the hippie movement of the 60s. Everything we have heard about this decade, its myths and rumors, drugs and excesses, are represented in Oliver Stone’s film.

Pink Floyd – The wall

A little further back in history, we come to the year 1982 to remember this film whose script was written by Roger Waters himself. The historic album The wall inspired this musical in which a musician who calls himself Pink builds a wall to take refuge from the outside world after going mad.

Metallica: through the never

Far from being a documentary about the band, this film is as short as it is dynamic and aims to show the members of Metallica from a different perspective. The protagonist is Trip, a boy who has to carry out a crucial task for the band that is about to give a concert.

The scenario is a concert, with all that this means for a musical group of this stature. Don’t miss the final scene because it will stick in your memory.

Queen – Bohemian rhapsody

Released in 2018, the film about the band Queen tells the story of the beloved Freddie Mercury from its beginnings. The veracity and scenes are vouched for by the fact that Brian May and Roger Taylor gave it a thumbs up. It shows the love with Mary, the parties, the concerts and other experiences that the main character goes through.
As a tribute to Queen, the film is very faithful to the original events.

Rami Malek dons Freddie’s costume and his movements and expressions are so identical to the original that they make your skin crawl. In fact, Malek won the Oscar for Best Actor. And no wonder, as his performance is truly outstanding. The film was awarded in other categories and won awards at the Golden Globes.

School of Rock

An ideal movie to enjoy with the family and to awaken in the youngest the love for music. It is a musical comedy in which a down-and-out musician gets a job as a teacher.

Little by little he wins the respect and affection of his students, whom he prepares to participate in a band contest. The film’s values are teamwork, mutual cooperation and dedication to achieving one’s dreams. Did you imagine a film about rock would be like this?

This is spinal tap

A rock satire that will make you laugh to tears. Actually, it’s a mockumentary, a fake documentary that presents satirical and absurd situations through which its protagonists go through.

A band called Spinal Tap, which does not really exist, shows the exaggerations of the rock stars of the 60’s and 70’s. And it seeks to ridicule the real documentaries about the bands of this genre.

Mötley Crüe – The dirt

Based on the history of Mötley Crüe, it is a film that portrays the excesses of a band that included disputes, alcohol, drugs, sex and many hits. After they announced their split in 2014 and embarked on their last tour, their autobiographical film was released in 2019.

The film shows all sides of the band, their successes and their decadence, their lights and their dark sides. Starring Iwan Rheon, it highlights the vicissitudes of a group that had already announced its return in 2021.

Rock star

Inspired by a true story, it has become a classic film. The film tells the story of Izzy Cole, a follower of the heavy metal band Steel Dragon, who imitates their singer and even has a tribute band of his idols.

His dream is, in reality, to become the lead singer of Steel Dragon, which in real life would be the band Judas Priest. Mark Wahlberg plays Tim “Ripper” Owens, who led the tribute band and was eventually chosen to replace Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. A film that invites not only to dream but also to make dreams true.


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