On February 11, the Uncharted movie arrived in a multitude of countries in the first instance, but was not yet available in the United States. The film by PlayStation Productions for Sony had a great premiere in other countries around the world, but it remained to be seen how it performed at the North American box office, one of the most powerful internationally and the one that can mark the commercial success of the production.

Thanks to data collected by Variety, we now know how it has fared in its first weekend in the United States. Between Friday and Sunday alone, the Tom Holland-starring film has grossed $44.1 million, more than enough to top the charts, with a forecast for the President’s Day holiday weekend of $51 million.

Thus, the film has exceeded expectations of around $35-40 million. Uncharted has surpassed Scream and is the best debut so far this year, with figures that amount to 130 million dollars if we add what was collected at the international box office. This has already covered the entire budget of the production, which cost around 120 million.

Uncharted is the adaptation of the universe of one of the best-known sagas of PlayStation consoles. Developed by Naughty Dog, the various video games offer high doses of action and adventure that have now been transferred to the big screen. Although the critical acclaim has not been positive, the North American premiere reaffirms the success of the PlayStation Productions film.


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