Five horror movies that don’t need monstrous killers and paranormal phenomena to freeze our blood with realistic situations

Horror movies are full of classics that have made more than one moviegoer’s blood run cold. The supernatural and monstrous proliferate in this genre. Renowned killers like Freddy or Pennywise have tormented their victims from the most psychological aspect. But they are still supernatural threats.

Other horror films approach fear with a realistic approach, which no one would doubt could really happen. Because what is scarier than the human being itself?


Misery offers one of Stephen King’s most terrifying “earthy” tales. The prolific horror master doesn’t have too many novels that don’t involve monsters or paranormal phenomena, but Misery is one of those exceptions.

James Caan plays a novelist who suffers a freak accident after killing off his star character.

Kathy Bates gives life to the woman who aids and attends him, but gradually their relationship becomes more obsessive as it is revealed that the woman’s intentions are not as kind as they seemed. Although in the photo she appears affable and caring.

Misery - Horror movies without monsters


Psycho may not have the same impact today as it did upon its release in 1960, but Mr. Alfred Hitchcock didn’t earn the title “master of suspense” for nothing.

The film follows young Marion Crane, who has stolen her company’s money and takes refuge in the motel run by Norman Bates and his mother. A series of chilling twists and turns will follow one after the other throughout its 109 minutes, shaping a must-see classic in horror cinema.

That’s right, when you see Psycho you’ll never look at any timid son afraid of his mother the same way again.

Psycho - Horror movies without monsters


At the risk of sounding like an alarmist commercial: home is the place where we all feel safest. That’s why films like Hush show the fragility of our home security by letting in a killer and putting our lives in danger.

A deaf woman will try to defend herself from the assault of an anonymous killer who has sneaked into her house with a clear objective: to liquidate her.

Hush - Horror movies without monsters

Cape Fear

This remake of the horror classic made by Scorsese is one of those few cases in which we can say that it surpasses the original. Having Robert De Niro as Max Cady was a great success that moviegoers have engraved in their hearts.

A man is released from prison with a very clear objective: to take revenge on the lawyer who put him there. Nothing will stop Max Cady.

What makes De Niro’s character brutal is not that he won’t die even if a house is thrown on him, it’s something much more realistic and plausible: he won’t stop until he gets his revenge.

Cape fear - Horror movies without monsters

Henry: Portrait of a Killer

Although many of you know him for his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy or The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker was already badass decades ago.

Henry: Portrait of a Killer is a cruel biopic from the perspective of a serial killer with no glimmer of redemption. The film follows in the footsteps of this psychopath as he increases his list of victims without remorse.

Rooker’s performance gives added credibility to this serial killer who chilled the blood of thousands of viewers.

Henry Portrait of a killer - Horror movies without monsters

Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk is another one of those movies that leaves very hard images engraved on viewers. Although it is a sensational combination of horror and western.

Kurt Russell plays a sheriff who recruits a hunting party to go out in search of a group of cannibals.

Joining Kurt Russell are Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Lili Simmons, Richard Jenkins, Sean Young and David Arquette, among others.

Bone tomahawk - Horror movies without monsters


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