You can now watch the first ten minutes of The Batman completely free of charge

Warner Bros. Pictures has posted on YouTube the first 10 minutes of The Batman so we can see Robert Pattinson in action and get excited about going to the movies or subscribing to HBO Max.

The latest Batman movie, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, opened in theaters on March 4.

If by now you still haven’t seen The Batman, it won’t be for options, since you can either go see the movie in theaters or enjoy it from your living room. But maybe what you need is a little incentive… try “the demo” of The Batman to see if you’re really interested in seeing the full movie.

Warner Bros. Pictures has come up with that incentive by posting on its YouTube channel the first ten minutes of The Batman completely free of charge so that you can finally enjoy the film. Taking into account that the total length of The Batman is 175 minutes, the content offered by Warner Bros. is just a small appetizer.

After the 10 minutes of The Batman on YouTube, you will be presented with a third way to watch the film: from YouTube you will have the possibility to buy or rent the film to continue watching it on the same system if you are already hooked. The price to rent The Batman on YouTube is 12,99€ and the purchase price is 19,99€.

If you prefer to watch The Batman through HBO Max and you have not yet subscribed to the platform, we already warn you that it will be a little cheaper than renting the movie on YouTube.


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