‘Moon Knight’ must explain why his story doesn’t contradict that of the Infinity Gems

Putting together a film saga as prolific as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has twenty-seven films and six series released on Disney+, must be complex simply because of the accumulation of characters, adventures, narrative details and the corresponding interweaving of it all. Thus, it’s no wonder that some clarifications are needed in Moon Knight (2022).

Because the interplay of different real mythologies in the fantasy stories of these superheroes can lead to an unbridgeable contradiction if the matter is not discussed directly. For example, with the Infinity Gems and universal creation, whose origin we are exposed to in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

In these movies it is explained that these powerful jewels began as six singularities that existed before creation, and the other, that the Big Bang caused them to become elemental crystals and dispersed them throughout the universe, which produced the Gems as such, which control space, power, reality, mind, soul and time.

The problem lies in the fact that the Egyptian myths, personified in Knight Moon by the gods Khonshu, Ammit and the group of the Ennead Nine mentioned by Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant in the chapter “The Goldfish Problem” (1×01), clash head-on with this story. The members of that group represent a different aspect of nature separately, and five of them were responsible for creating the world.

But this seems to make it impossible for both origin stories of the Universe to be true at the same time. And Jeremy Slater, lead writer of the Disney+ series, should make it crystal clear to us that the Ennead is very different in Marvel comics from traditional Egyptian mythology, both in terms of their status as gods and their connection to the world so that the Egyptian gods can coexist with the Big Bang explanation for the Infinity Gems in the Marvel saga.

Perhaps this is not a drawback that is too easily perceived at the outset. Only those viewers of Moon Knight who are genuinely interested in Egyptology will have noticed it.

That is, of course, if the plan is to integrate Moon Knight into the MCU. If he’s going to be a character as far removed from the saga as Indiana Jones or Agent 007, then who cares?


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