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Top Gun: Maverick’ breaks records

LeisureTop Gun: Maverick' breaks records

Top Gun: Maverick’ continues to break records a month and a half after its release, surpassing James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic.

It has been about a month and a half since the release of Top Gun: Maverick. While the fever that the film generated has begun to subside as the weeks go by, the unexpected records it has set will always be remembered. In fact, this week Tom Cruise’s film added yet another achievement: it became Paramount Pictures’ highest-grossing film in the United States.

In order to contextualize the enormous milestone that Top Gun: Maverick has achieved in its production company, it is worth mentioning who had the first place: Titanic itself, which was released in 1997. In other words, it took 25 years for the top spot to be occupied by another production. The most curious thing of all is that nobody, not even Paramount Pictures itself, expected Top Gun: Maverick to achieve these extraordinary numbers, which until recently seemed unbeatable.

So far, Top Gun: Maverick has grossed $1.189 billion globally. Of this figure, $601 million is from the U.S. box office – just over half. Titanic is in second place with $600.78 million. It is important to mention that, in the case of James Cameron’s film, only its first release is taken into account, as it later returned to theaters to accumulate $659 million dollars in the U.S. in its second release.

When a feature film surpasses the billion-dollar mark, we can already consider it a true blockbuster of recent times. Did anyone ever think that Top Gun: Maverick would reach that title?

In recent years, very few feature films can aspire to those numbers. Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings, for example, usually occupy those privileged spots, so it’s all the more surprising that Top Gun: Maverick has snuck in among them. Not even The Batman ($770 million) achieved such a gross; nor did Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse ($954 million).

With these numbers to back it up, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Paramount greenlights the sequel to Top Gun: Maverick. In fact, Miles Teller said a few days ago that he had already had a conversation with Tom Cruise about Top Gun 3. However, there is nothing concrete at the moment, as Cruise wants to make sure that the next film will be better than Maverick.


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