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TV series about lawyers and reality

LeisureTV series about lawyers and reality

Differences and similarities between television series about lawyers and reality

The world of law firms and the cases they defend have nurtured the scripts of numerous fiction series, from the successful How to Defend a Murderer to the cynical Better Call Saul. The truth is that it is mainly fictions that, through their plots, have shaped a certain image of legal professionals for millions of viewers. But is this really how lawyers work?

In the series about lawyers, the hours of study in the office to face a case or to answer a client’s doubts are never shown. It is a sacrificed job that requires many hours of study to keep abreast of any legal news. Perhaps the only common point with fiction series is the joy of the characters when they achieve their goals. You can click here to see what a real criminal lawyer’s website looks like.

Young students

Law schools may bear little resemblance to the classrooms of How to Get Away with Murder. This courtroom thriller revolves around a brilliant criminal law professor who becomes embroiled in solving a murder plot along with five of her smartest and most ambitious students. The mystery, the continuous plot twists and the characterization of the characters are part of the basis of its success. However, this is precisely why it lacks veracity. In reality, students are rarely able to collaborate in their internships with professors on real cases. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the effort and brutal competition before the courts, where the role of the jury, the courtroom performance of the lawyer or the appearance of surprise witnesses are elements that tend to resemble the series.

Life in a big firm

In The Good Wife, its protagonist, Alicia Florrick, returns to work as a lawyer after her husband, a county prosecutor, is jailed for corruption. This drama, in which politics, family and human relationships are intertwined, narrates with exceptional accuracy the life in a large firm in Chicago. It helps to show certain aspects of the profession, such as courtroom performance or the exhaustive preparation of cases, while at the same time revealing its dark sides. The tensions and competition between juniors and associates to become partners, the decision making process, in short, all that bonfire of vanities that surrounds the world of law firms. On the other hand, it offers a clear ethical vision of the profession, highlighting the values of justice and equality that lawyers should defend.

One of the attractions of the series is that each chapter is dedicated to a real case from the U.S. courts, covering at the same time a noteworthy informative function. It is very interesting because it deals with current issues from a legal point of view and allows citizens to understand the terminology and nuances of the profession, he says. But then you watch Courtroom 3H, a documentary about a juvenile court, and the contrast is stark.

Success and its opposite

The glamour that accompanies the lawyers in the series Suits has its counterpoint in Better Call Saul, in which its protagonist, Saul Goodman, starts out as an underpaid lawyer who lives in the back room of a beauty salon that doubles as an office.

In Suits, Harvey Specter, a successful lawyer in a New York law firm, hires as an assistant a bright young man whom he helps to hide the fact that he is practicing without a degree. The figure of the expert lawyer as responsible or mentor of the junior is very successful from a dramatic point of view, but it is far from reality, since no one in any profession gives away his or her skills.

Saul Goodman, on the other hand, embodies like no one else the idea of the duplicitous, swindling and cynical lawyer. Tired of living badly, he uses his skills to defend drug traffickers. It is not for nothing that this is a spin-off of Breaking Bad. The series shows how Jimmy McGill, that failed and conflicted lawyer, becomes the stark and histrionic Saul Goodman. He represents the figure of the legal operator who knows the law so well that he even knows how to use it against the system. This lawyer will manipulate reality to win a case, since his success does not depend on being a great jurist, but a showman. Saul is the proof that law without ethics does not serve the general interest, but can be used by criminals to continue their perverse activities.


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