Outsourcing and the economy make producing goods in foreign countries pretty attractive to many companies- production costs are cheaper due to cheaper labor and lax regulation in some foreign nations. However, some firms still keep their production- and the jobs they create- here in the United States. Here’s a list of six companies that still maintain their manufacturing in America.

1. Sustainable Lumber Company

Hailing from Gold Creek, Montana, the Sustainable Labor Company prides itself on two things- using locally sourced, sustainable sources for their lumber, and keeping their production entirely within the States. Their curing process takes place in a nearby Amish community, and all of their wood comes from local, renewable sources, as well as the fuel for their kiln.

Proud to produce in the US

2. Spanx by Sarah Blakely

Spanx is a quintessentially American product- a line of pantyhose and other linens that also slims down your form. The company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, by Sarah Blakely, and most of their production, including all of their most popular brands, still takes place in the States, A few parts of their production chain have moved abroad, but the majority remains in America.

3. AmeriCandy Co.

AmeriCandy is a confectionery in Louisville, Kentucky. The founder, Omar Tatum, is so proud of his country that he has a tour of America inn his shop- a candy tour, that is. Every state has its own unique candy flavor. Needless to say, all of the candy is make entirely in the United States by the founder, a small business owner.

4. Harley-Davidson

Many auto companies have outsourced much of their production to foreign countries. Not so for Harley-Davidson, that most American of motorcycle brands. The company has all four of its factories located in the United States, and it is still drawing profits, despite the weak economy and despite the temptation of reducing costs by shifting production outside the country. This is during a time when the major American car companies, which tend to outsource their production, have experienced declining demand and big losses.

5. Pyrex

Pyrex encompasses a wide range of kitchenware. The brand was originally created in 1915, and it has a long history of use in American kitchens. The production of the glassware and other goods has remained in the United States for the ninety nine years since then. The main plant is located in Charleroi, in Pennsylvania.

6. Earthlite.com

Earthlite produces world-class massage tables, massage chairs, and other massage equipment. Earthlite imports fine woods for their equipment, although they never use rainforest woods. All of the products are built and sold in the United States, so all of the jobs Earthlite creates are American ones. Earthlite’s products are highly regarded in the field, and yet their commitment to keep production in America has not raised their prices to an excessive extent.

These six companies have resisted the pull of sending their work abroad for the sake of profit. Their history and profitability demonstrate that is indeed possible to still keep manufacturing in the States without sacrificing corporate viability. These firms manage to keep Americans employed and still make money- a feat they are proud to have accomplished.

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  1. We all should buy those products and and America will become stronger and a zillion jobs will back from China.


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