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I have a great idea for a mobile app. What’s next?


Mobile applications, the famous apps, are now in the middle of a gold fever. There is a human river of adventurers looking for the gold nugget which makes them rich. The difficulties start when is necessary to move from the business idea to the working software.

First of all, the most frequent situation is either a good programmer with a business blocked mind, either a business man with an unrealistic idea about how the computers and mobile devices work and what it can do. Generally speaking, programmers think they are “the solution” although everybody knows they are “the tool” and business guys think they are “the business” but they recognise they need technicians to make it work.

App development

Sometimes there is a business minded programmer who can make run an app and make some money but this is not a common situation. Most times the options are:

  • try to learn programming. This is a long run and the results are not guaranteed because not everybody is capable to become a programmer and if there is not an abandon (and thus some months lost in the way) the quality of the product will be the one of a newbie in the two or three first years.
  • hire a programmer. The relationship with programmers is not easy. The programmer will ever try to show you what he does but not how he does it and in most times the time of development will be longer than you think and restricted to the languages he can manage. I.e. you’ll need a programmer for your Android version of the app and another one for the iOS version.
  • develop your own app in an online platform. There is a lot of options. A quick search in Google will give you a lot of results about websites that can (theorically) develop your app in a while because they have a lot of IA and an easy interface just to drag and drop some buttons. Actually when somebody with an idea about an app comes to this kind of websites, he will find a lot of screens, forms, labels and features not so easy to manage. Even more, the special feature which makes that app so new and special is not included, obviously, in the control panel of the website
  • hire a developper. A developper is an experienced company with programmers, marketers and even financial advisors which can help to you in the whole development of the app. This kind of companies (take a look at Zapporoo, in example) aren’t the cheapest option but can give you some guarantees and give you some useful advice from their experienced point of view. Maybe there is one hundred of apps like yours and it all have failed because there is a key detail you didn’t realize about.

Of course, I’d like to be the owner of the next Whatsapp but, as you can see, from my idea to the successful app ther is a long and winding road.


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