Many leading Middle Eastern legal and business authorities, such as Dr. Shahram Shirkhani of Iran, are lending their many years of experience and expertise to the cause of greatly improved cultural and economic relations between the region and the rest of the world. At a time when many are openly wondering if any stability and semblance of peace can ever come to the region, Shirkhani and others are taking positive steps to assure that economic and political prosperity do finally prevail.

Can Peace Ever Come To The Middle East?

This most certainly includes the continent of Europe, as well as the United Kingdom, a region with whom the Middle Eastern countries have had a historically contentious relationship over the course of over 1,400 years. This is a much needed development, as tensions within the region itself have never been at a more potentially explosive or dangerous level than at present.

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Creating A Chance For Understanding Through Action And Dialog

There is much work to be done if peace and understanding are ever to be restored. However, it is encouraging to know that much of the groundwork has already been laid. Many international and nongovernmental organizations, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, have achieved very admirable results by hosting actual dialog between many of the foremost representatives on both sides of the ideological debate.

A Long And Symbiotic Relationship, Fraught With Tension

The Middle Eastern and European nations have enjoyed a long and symbiotic relationship, albeit one that has always been fraught with suspicion and tension. Ever since the rise to prominence of the Middle Eastern nations under Islam, there have been conflicts, whether religious, political, economic, or cultural, not only in the region itself but between the region and its neighbors, near and far.

Using Social Media To Build A Bridge Toward Peaceful Coexistence

One of the most positive developments that has occurred in the past two decades is the technological explosion represented by the Internet. This revolutionary new system has proven to be a veritable game changer when it comes to shaping public perception of people, places, and events as they unfold. The “Color Revolutions” of the past half decade would very likely have been far less remarked upon if the various social media channels had not been there to dramatize events as they occurred in real time.

Can A Mutual Understanding Be Reached In Time?

It is hoped that a mutual understanding can be reached in time to prevent a new outbreak of suspicion, repression, and violence. The amazing persuasiveness of social media has been exploited by individuals, pundits, and corporations alike, with an eye toward improving the effectiveness of their various positions, whether for or against, an improved understanding between the Middle East and Europe. Thus, social media has a very great part to play in the future, as tensions over such issues as energy sources and immigration come to a head in the heart land of Europe.


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