The 2016 presidential election in the United States has stirred up more emotions in voters than any election in recent memory. There can be no question that the outcome of this election will have a monumental impact on the future of the country in a wide variety of ways. One of the biggest concerns in past elections has been the fact that very small numbers of young people were voting. Many of them claimed that they were turned off by a lot of the political rhetoric that is used in many of the campaigns of politicians. This has caused many young people to take matters into their own hands by starting a career in politics. Here are a few of the main reasons why young people are doing this.

1. Young people claim that there does not seem to be any differences between many of the candidates.

One of the biggest complaints that young people have with politicians is that they all sort of blend together. The have differing views on a few of the issues. However, they are all still politicians at the end of the day. This means that they all depend on special interest groups to help finance their campaigns so they can get elected again every few years. This need for campaign donations compromises their integrity and makes them beholden to the people or companies that donate to them. Lobbyists also play a huge role in the way that the government is run. Young people believe that a change needs to be made in the way that politicians behave in order for real change to happen in this country. They believe that it is simply politics as usual.

United States Capitol

2. Young people believe they can make a difference.

Young people see the country as being in a sharp decline over the past decade. Therefore, they feel the need to get involved in the political system and do their part to correct some of the wrongs they are seeing on the news every day. Senator Mike Crapo applauds the enthusiasm of these young people. Crapo wishes all of them luck in their future political endeavors.

3. They are tired of politics as usual.

One of the things that has driven young people to get involved in politics is a dissatisfaction with the current political system. They feel that very large changes need to be made in order to stop the endless cycle of fighting between Republicans and Democrats. This type of fighting often leads to gridlock that prevents certain bills from being passed that could help people and improve their way of life.

4. They feel that they could be elected as a member of a third party.

There has been more support for third party candidates in the past few years than ever before. Now young people truly believe that they can run for certain key political positions as third party candidates and still have a decent chance of winning. This would not have been the case many years ago. However, general apathy for candidates from both of the major political parties has resulted in young people becoming interested in some of the smaller parties that are out there. These young people feel that their voice can be heard without the constraints created by both of the major parties.


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