There was a time when asbestos was widely used and could basically be found anywhere – it does, after all, have many properties which are considered very beneficial in the construction business; properties such as fire protection, heat concentration, isolation, and so on. Fortunately we have become wiser and have got rid of the toxic material – the material has been banned since the year 2000. Asbestos can cause many health problems and, with prolonged exposure, could even cause death.

For this reason you need to know exactly what the situation on your property regarding asbestos is like; you need to be able to fix it before negative consequences arise. If there is any single grain of doubt that asbestos is in your property, you need to find it and deal with it. Are you an employer? Here’s how you can deal with asbestos in your building the proper way.

Identification of the problem

Experts specialising in asbestos reports will visit the location and determine whether asbestos is present – and to what degree. Once that is determined, the expert can assess what kind of problem or threat it poses. If there’s no problem – great; if there is a problem, something can be done.

Asbestos removal

Gauging the risk

The first risk assessment will be with the people living or residing at the location at present. The second risk assessment will be about removing the asbestos and what will be required to do so in a safe manner.

Think about a contractor

You’ll probably have to – the one who will do the work will need to have a licence that says they can handle asbestos. Make sure the person is properly licenced.

Consider the work that needs to be done

Even if you don’t require a licenced person to work on your property, you’ll want qualified people. Consider carefully whom to hire, and whether the work needs notification or not.

The problem with the project is not necessarily to identify what needs to be done and how it can be done – your primary concern should be that both of these aspects (the identification of the problem, as well as the execution of the solution) are done by professionals; you need to be sure that those in charge of the problem are very well aware of the risks of asbestos, and that they are qualified to handle it. Find those people, and they are guaranteed to make your life a lot easier; they’ll allow you to get rid of a serious challenge in no time and at minimum cost. It’s more than worth the time and effort. It will even raise the price of your property and leave you with utmost peace of mind.


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