It has not been a good week for the relationship between the media and the Trump Administration, which has been clamoring for “leaks” over its actions for weeks. On Friday, in addition to criticizing anonymous sources, one of the bases of journalism, the president again called journalists “dishonest” people and described the media, which are not to his liking, as the “enemies of the people “. A few hours later, Spicer vetoed several media entry to an information session with journalists who normally should have had access. On Saturday, the president announced he will not attend the White House’s annual dinner of correspondents at the end of April. With this, he broke with a tradition respected by all his predecessors except by force majeure, as an assassination attempt, in the case of Ronald Reagan, or the country’s entry into World War II.

The White House

A day later, Politico and CNN have revealed that the White House had its own employees show their phones to check that they were not communicating with journalists.

According to reports, Spicer, accompanied by White House lawyers, called an “emergency meeting” with several members of his team during the week. When they arrived at the meeting, they were asked to put their cell phones – both work and personal – on a table for a “check” that showed they had nothing to hide. Politico claims that Spicer, who expressed frustration over multiple leaks, reminded them that sending messages through encryption applications such as Confide or Signal violates White House internal rules. Meanwhile, CNN reports that Trump’s spokesman gave them specific instructions not to filter anything about that meeting or their efforts to find the “deep throat” that is delivering the information to the media.

Both Politico and CNN cite “multiple sources” anonymous as the basis of their information, which seems to show that, for the moment, the White House has not found its mole.


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