Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a great speaker who manages his image with expertise, becoming one of the most influential political leaders of the moment.

His name is Justin, he is from Canada and he has managed to cast a shadow over Justin Bieber himself (the one so far famous by definition of Canada). When he was elected prime minister in October 2015, his photo appeared on all the front pages of the newspapers. Praised for his oratorical abilities, according to those who have known him in short distances, he is also admired for being handsome and charming. The Trudeau cocktail is impressive today, so some people compare it with Kennedy. On one side are his shocking liberal measures and his plan to welcome refugees, and on the other hand his photos without a T-shirt, showing tattoo and boxing.

His overwhelming personality has been christened the Trudeau effect. Everybody surrenders to the charms of the prime minister of Canada, 45 years old. Even the great leaders of the world can not resist. Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump, was the last photographed looking at Trudeau with tenderness, but she was not the only one. Angela Merkel, Kade Middleton, Barack Obama have also been attracted to the prime minister of Canada.

What’s wrong with Trudeu? We review the history of the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history, a feminist man who worked as a nightclub keeper, was a public school teacher and ski instructor. Amateur boxing, hockey and upload photos to social networks.

Justin Trudeu is the handsome child of international politics. Born and raised between glamor and politics, former US President Richard Nixon predicted his assault on politics. “Tonight we are going to do without formalities, because I would like to offer for the future Prime Minister of Canada: Justin Trudeau.” Nixon formulated his prophecy in April 1972, during the desserts of a state dinner, and his prediction was fulfilled 43 years later.

At that time, when he was still a child, Trudeu became accustomed to the cameras, which chased him throughout his life. He was the son of the former minister of Canada and as his progenitor, the media’s expectation and curiosity for his life was enormous.

When he decided to assault politics, nobody trusted him. Canada’s liberal party needed a face to lift the party’s popularity and it was almost the only option. In 2008 he proposed a boxing match with a conservative senator to raise charitable funds and his image began to improve until in 2013 he took over the party’s head and two years later the liberals won the elections after a decade of conservative tenure.

El 64 por ciento de los canadienses aprueba su gestión, a pesar de algunas polémicas como la legalización de la marihuana o recibir a miles de refugiados que huyen de la guerra y el terrorismo. Para muchos es el padre de la Canadá moderna, la antítesis de Trump y el hombre que maneja la esfera política con una arrolladora personalidad y gran carisma.



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