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Scotland, to hold a second referendum on independence or Brexit


Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced on Monday that she will seek legal authorization from the Edinburgh Parliament to hold a second referendum on independence in this British region.

In a speech on the effects of the Brexit in his region, Sturgeon said will ask next week the authorization of the Parliament of Scotland to apply the regulation that will allow the call of a second popular consultation on the independence of this territory.

After ensuring that it is important for Scotland to exercise its right to decide its own future, Sturgeon recalled that when the Scots voted for independence in 2014, they did so by thinking that to remain in the United Kingdom was to remain in the European Union. The prime minister has said she understands that some want her to completely rule out a referendum on independence, but has made it clear that if she did, she would already be deciding that Scotland would follow the United Kingdom in the case of a hypothetical “hard” Brexit, regardless of its consequences. In this regard, he stressed that what matters is that the people of Scotland can decide their future. “This is, above all, an informed decision,” he added.

Sturgeon told that when the Scots voted in the first referendum on independence in 2014, they did not know  Britain would leave the European Union. He therefore considered the option to continue without change is not available to Scotland because the Scots now have to decide on the change the region will suffer as a result of the departure process of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Sturgeon said the decision on whether Scotland opts for a “hard Brexit” or independence should be adopted between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. In this regard, has ensured that if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without stating that Scotland wants a different relationship with the Community bloc, this would make it difficult for future negotiations. “Whatever path we take, it must be decided by us, not for us,” Sturgeon said.

The prime minister has said she will continue defending Scotland in the negotiations over Brexit. Sturgeon has emphasized that it will ensure that Scotland will have the option to decide to follow the UK on a hard Brexit or vote on its independence.



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