“There are no longer queues in the bakeries because there is no bread and arepas at the table of Venezuelans,” says a citizen of foot, desperate for the situation of shortage of flour that the country lives.

The war declared by Nicolás Maduro to the bakers last week has been settled with at least four employees detained and twenty-one establishments taken by force by the so-called “Claps” (old soviets) in Caracas.

Instead of improving supply, government intervention has worsened the crisis. The regime has forced bakeries to bake bread all day with 90 percent of the flour it provides, and the rest for sweets and cakes.

The problem is that there is no flour and Maduro does not know how to multiply the breads. The opposition blames the Maduro government for monopolizing (and sinking) wheat production and distribution The 700 bakeries of Caracas, terrified by the onslaught initiated by the National Superintendence for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde) with its 3,900 prosecutors, accompanied by the Bolivarian National Guard, have already begun to close because they do not get the flour and can not comply with the decree.

The shortage of food and medicines ranges between 80 and 90%. To alleviate the hunger, which has sent three million people to seek food in the trash, Maduro has founded the so-called “Claps”, which distribute subsidized food bags. But it only reaches 30% of the two million registered “revolutionaries”, and the country has 30 million inhabitants.

In the interior of the country the roads are blocked in protest of not receiving the products imported from Mexico and Panama. Maduro refuses to allow a humanitarian corridor to receive donations of food and medicines from abroad, while the bread and arepa (corn tortilla) disappear from the table of Venezuelans.


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