US President Donald Trump has attacked a radical faction of his own Republican party on Twitter on Friday, saying they are hampering efforts to crack down on Obama’s healthcare reform.

This faction is the so-called ‘Freedom Caucus’, a group of 29 congressmen who have spent the last few days demanding a version of Trump’s new health plan that is even more drastic than the one presented by the White House.

The group, led by Congressman for North Carolina Mark Meadows, estimates that it has managed to get between 30 and 40 votes against Trump’s plan, which they consider to be insufficient. Among their demands, for example, they demand the end of the special coverage that the new health reform grants maternity leave and prescription drugs.

The Caucus for Freedom is a relatively recent group – around 2009 – that has forced serious schisms within the party for attempting, for example, to completely end the programs of assistance to Planned Parenthood, considered to be the most important organization in the country in the field of sexual education and essential help for women who wish to have an abortion.


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