Derrick Watson
Derrick Watson

A federal judge in Hawaii has extended his order to block the executive order approved on March 6 by US President Donald Trump, which vetoes the entry into the United States of the citizens of six Muslim-majority countries, Drastically restricts the number of refugees the country accepts each year.

Judge Derrick Watson issued a temporary order on March 15 to block the enforcement of the executive order, just one day before it came into force. In response, the president described the ruling as “an unprecedented judicial oversight,” asserting that he did not rule out appealing that decision to the Supreme Court.

The ruling was the second defeat for Trump’s immigration decree, after a federal court in Seattle blocked the first version of it in February. In response, the president charged hard against the Justice, although finally left the project.

State Department Prosecutor Chad Readler has stated at the hearing that Hawaii has only shown widespread concern about the effect of the order on students and tourism, noting that suspending the refugee program has no impact on the state.

However, Hawaii Attorney General Daouglas Chin has emphasized that the language used in the order “is like a neon sign flickering ‘Prohibition of Muslims, Prohibition of Muslims,'” according to the US television network NBC.

The second immigration veto was approved a few weeks after the first veto was blocked, with the withdrawal of some of the most controversial elements, and excluding from the list of countries to Iraq. The second document includes, as vetoed countries, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Yemen.


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