Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag has announced on Thursday that autopsy results confirm the use of chemical weapons during the April 4 massacre in the Syrian city of Idlib in which around a hundred people died , reports the Turkish newspaper ‘Hurriyet’.

According to the Turkish authorities, the chemical weapons were deliberately used by the Syrian army and did not belong to the rebel forces or exploded involuntarily as a result of a bombing, as they say from Damascus and Moscow.

“This scientific research has shown that Asad uses chemical weapons,” Bozdag said today in reference to autopsies. The intention of Turkey right now is to carry out a joint investigation with the World Health Organization (WHO) to find out exactly the agent used in the attack and that according to US military sources could be sarin gas, although this issue has not been confirmed.

Yesterday Médecins Sans Frontières reported that eight wounded in Jan Shijun were treated in its hospital at Bab Al Hawa, near the Turkish border, “with clear symptoms – dilated palpitations, muscle spasms, involuntary defection – of exposure to agents Nervous as sarin gas. ”
The same conclusion reached by the World Health Organization (WHO) after analyzing the videos and photographs and talking with the members of the American Syrian American Medical Association (SAMS), which have staff working in the field.


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