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United States launches missiles against Al Assad targets in Syria after chemical attack


US President Donald Trump has ordered an attack on Syrian regime facilities in response to Tuesday’s bombing of chemical weapons over the civilian population. This is the first time that the White House has taken military action against the military forces loyal to the president of Syria, Bachar El Asad.

The United States has launched a military offensive against Syrian army targets in response to a chemical attack by the Al Assad government this week on Idlib, killing at least 80 civilians.

The bombing has been carried out against the Shayrat base, from which the United States believes that the chemical attack was carried out. According to the governor of Homs, there would be several Syrian soldiers killed after the bombing, in which American forces launched 59 Tomahawk missiles. The Pentagon claims that the target was the planes were parked at the base and its runway.

The attack appears to be the response of Donald Trump’s executive to the alleged chemical attack on Tuesday in Idlib province, which nearly all of the international community has blamed on Bashar al-Assad for about a hundred deaths. It is the first time that the White House orders military action against government forces in Syria.

The US military warned Russian forces in advance of its attacks on the Syrian base, according to Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis, who told reporters that the United States did not attack areas of the Shayrat air base where they believed the Russians would be present.

According to Davis, the United States had “several” talks with Russian officials on Thursday before the attack, and used a line of communion that had previously been used to prevent an accidental crash in the fight against the terrorist group Daesh in Syria. Later, Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, clarified that the notice did not seek to ask Russia for permission to attack.



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