The North Korean Foreign Ministry has responded on Monday to the United States’ decision to send an attack group headed by “USS Carl Vinson” to the Korean peninsula, saying that Pyongyang is “ready” to respond “to all kinds of war” Washington wants.

In a statement released by the North Korean news agency KCNA, a spokesman said that after the announcement of the deployment of warships – which Washington claims is a reaction to Pyongyang’s “provocations” – it is “proven” that the “reckless” movements of the United States to “invade” North Korea have reached an “important phase”. “If the United States dares to opt for military action, calling for a ‘pre-emptive strike’ or ‘removing headquarters,’ the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is ready to react to any kind of war the United States wants,” he explained.

In this context, the North Korean Foreign Ministry said that Donald Trump’s government is “foolish enough” to deploy “a strategic means of attack after another” in South Korea “proclaiming peace by force of arms” . “But North Korea remains undisturbed,” he said. “We have never begged for peace, but we will take strong action against the provocateurs to defend ourselves through the powerful force of arms and keep us on the path we have chosen ourselves,” he added. It has also warned that it will hold the United States accountable for the “catastrophic consequences” that its “heinous actions” will entail.

White House National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, said Sunday that the sending of warships to waters off the Korean peninsula is a reaction to the “provocations” of North Korea. “It’s wise to do it, is not it?” he told Fox News.

Last week, North Korea launched a new ballistic missile, a Scud missile. North Korea justifies its nuclear and military escalation because of the need to defend itself against what it considers to be provocative movements in South Korea and the United States. North Korean officials warned in March that they will carry out “ruthless” bombings if the US Attack Group violates its sovereignty. According to the North Korean government, the joint military maneuvers of the United States and South Korea leave the Korean peninsula “on the verge of nuclear war” and represent a clear escalation of tension in the region. The North Korean authorities have announced that a test with an intercontinental ballistic missile will take place this month, perhaps on April 15, when the founder of the North Korean regime, Kim Il Sung, would be 105 years old.

The two Koreas are still technically at war because they only signed an armistice to cease hostilities indefinitely after confronting between 1950 and 1953.


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