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Macron and Le Pen: open society against ultra nationalist bunker


Before the second and decisive vote, the next 6 of May, the program of Emmanuel Macron is liberal / reformer, in the antipodas of all the socialist traditions; While Marine Le Pen’s program is an ideal synthesis of the ultra-nationalistic “bunker” and the “socialism in one country” of communist traditions.

Macron’s economic program is very economic liberal and social reformist: It proposes the abolition of over 120,000 civil servants over the next five years, the reduction of taxes for companies and families, business taxation favorable to hiring , Reform of the national social security system, new aid to the “mobility” of the unemployed and the revaluation of minimum wages and pensions.

For its part, Le Pen’s economic program is ultra nationalist, anti liberal and anti capitalist: Contains a project to exit France from the EU, the Frexit, the rupture with the euro and restoration of the franc, old national currency, the rupture With the Atlantic Alliance and privileged relations with Putin’s Russia, restoring national boundaries, breaking with the common police space of the Schengen Convention, breaking with multilateral trade treaties and “patriotic” taxation, with new taxes for Companies that give work to foreigners.

Macron’s program alternates measures shared in part with Fillon’s conservative program, and measures shared in part with the program of reformist socialists. With Fillon’s right wing, Macron shares the need to reduce bureaucracy and the number of officials. Fillon proposed to suppress 500,000 civil servants. Macron proposes to remove 120,000. With the reformist socialists, he shares the project of “preserving but reforming” the social model.

In the program of Marine Le Pen alternate measures shared with all extreme European rights and measures shared with the extreme left French. With extreme European rights, Le Pen shares the project of “closing borders”, “restoring the national currency” and leaving the EU. With the French extreme left (Mélenchon and trotskyist groups), Marine Le Pen shares his denunciation of “wild liberalism” (guilty of all the evils that hang over France, in his view), his denunciation of Macron as a candidate ” Ultra liberal “), its desire to nationalize the banking sector, its project” to restore national sovereignty against the capitalist tyranny of markets “.


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