The main French newspapers today speak of the youth of the new president-elect, the socioliberal Emmanuel Macron, who, at just 39 years, won last night the elections against the far-right Marine Le Pen. “With 39 years and president!”, Publishes “Le Parisien”, which recalls that Macron became the youngest French head of state of the Fifth Republic, begun in 1958, ahead of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, elected president In 1974 with 48 years.

The conservative daily “Le Figaro” also underlines the youth of the president-elect, although he warns that his challenge is to form a complicated majority in the French Parliament, which will hold elections on June 11 and 18.

“Liberation”, left-leaning, dedicates the cover to the face of the young politician, with a “Well played”, while the back shows the defeated Marine Le Pen backs accompanied by a “Well done.”

The economic newspaper “Les Echos” believes that the victory of the socioliberal politician is that of France that “dares” and points out that, with this triumph, the “hope” reborn to the European Union (EU) and several European capitals.

Macron, who won the election last night with two-thirds of the votes in a highly abstentionist election (25.4%), will appear in public today along with outgoing President François Hollande in commemoration of the 72-year victory In World War II (1945).

The transfer of powers and the designation of the new Government will happen this weekend.


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