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US Southwest prepares for historic heatwave

NewsUS Southwest prepares for historic heatwave

US authorities are on alert for the arrival of a heat wave with record temperatures that will shake the southwest United States, where in the Californian Death Valley are registering and temperatures of 53 ° C.

In fact, the Phoenix airport has shut down all flights between 3:00 and 6:00 pm because temperatures will be so high (with maximums of 49 ° C) that aircraft will be unable to operate normally due to mechanical failures.
If it reaches 50º, it will be the hottest day in the last 22 years of the city’s history, according to comparisons of the National Weather Service.

A record that could exceed the city of Needles, where temperatures are expected at 52ºC, which has never been perceived since 2005, due to the high pressure zone that is forming on the west coast and the interior of the southwest, where it will deepen the Next days, according to meteorologist Daniel Swain, California Weather blog.

These high temperatures are expected to be prolonged over the next ten days, also with special attention to Las Vegas and Sacramento.


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