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Trump proposes a “solar wall” to lower the bill for Mexico

NewsTrump proposes a "solar wall" to lower the bill for Mexico

US President Donald Trump has proposed on Thursday to cover with solar panels the wall he wants to build on the border with Mexico, so the bill for the neighboring country is smaller, in a long speech in which he has talked about immigration, Cuba and his constant struggle with the Democratic opposition.

Trump has re-entered his campaign mode, which he enjoys the most, during a rally of more than an hour in Iowa, one of the key states he won in last November’s election, in which he has gloated over his promises fulfilled until now and has assured to have much more to offer its supporters. “It’s always wonderful to be able to leave that Washington dump and spend time with people who really work hard, whom we call American patriots,” Trump told hundreds of people in Cedar Rapids, where he also visited a center with technological innovations to facilitate agriculture. The president, who has given similar speeches this month in states like Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida, has insisted on his electoral promise to build a wall on the Mexican border and has added a new twist to it. “We are thinking of building the wall as a solar wall, something that creates energy and self-financing. In this way Mexico will have to pay much less money. It makes sense, does not it? “asked Trump.

The possibility of installing solar panels on the wall was already circulating in Washington, as the president spoke of her in a private meeting with a group of Republican lawmakers on June 6, but so far Trump had not spoken publicly. He said that the “imaginative” idea is his, despite the fact that many American media attribute it to one of the dozens of proposals submitted in the public bidding process to build the wall.

The company is called Gleason Partners, whose founder, Tom Gleason, told The Washington Post this month that its design would generate two megawatts of electricity per mile (1.6 km), enough power to power 350 homes, and build it would cost about $ 7.5 million per mile. The Trump government plans to have the wall on the southern border cover about half of the more than 3,000 kilometers of border territory with Mexico, something that the Department of Homeland Security says would cost more than $ 20 billion.

Although putting solar panels on the wall could help to defray this bill, some people question the effectiveness of that strategy, since the plates should be placed vertically and could not properly channel all the sunlight.



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